Loren gray

Loren Gray 

Loren Gray is an American who is famous as singer and youtuber. Her father’s name is Jeremy Gray who is a biologist and her mother’s name is Loren Gray Beech who is profession hairstylist. Loren has half-sister named Jordan. She is eight years older than her.

Loren was born on April 19,2002. She is best known for her tiktoks where she started posting it at the age of 13 in 2015.and she has parlayed this success into an actual music career. Loren completed  her schooling in through homeschooling in Pottstown. Gray graduated university from Public College from Pottstown. At an early age she was inclined toward music and has always pursue her carrer in the same field.

How did Loren Gray get rich?

She made money from her content on Youtube, Instagram as well as from her music career. The website named Celeb$fortune continued on her income stream from YouTube. On her channel there are total 37 video which brings in an average 700,000views.


She joined tiktok in 2015. After gaining large number of follower she began to get bullied at school. After that she moved to Los Angele, California and grew her other social media platform. As of February 2021 she has more than 51 million followers in tiktok, 21.3 million followers in Instagram and 3.86 subscriber in Youtube. She is one of the tenth most followed individual in Tiktok.

In March 2018 she signed a record deals with Virgin Records before realising her debut single

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