Elijah Spader

Elijah Spader is the second child of James Spader. James Spader  is a well known  American actor and producer. James Spader has 3 children ; Sebastian, Nathaneal and Elijah. Among them , Elijah is well known for his roles in At night comes (2021) , The blocklist (2013) and The morning show (2019).

Place of birthLos Angeles
Date of birth1992
BrothersSebastian Spader and Nathaneal Spader
height5 feet 7 inch

Education ;

Importantly, Elijah completed his study from Los Angeles film school. Similarly, he has a Bachelor’s degree in Audio Production.

Elijah Spader’s Family

 His father is James Spader. James is an actor and producer. Similarly, His mother is Victoria Spader. Victoria is also an American actress and a decorator. Similarly, Elijah’s father got fame after his movies like pretty in pink , sex , lies and videotape, Avengers. Moreover, his mother also got fame in American film industry after her act on movies like Jack’s back art department, sex, lies and video tape, set decorator etc.

Elijah Spader’s hobbies;

Firstly, Elijah knows how to play guitar as well as piano. Secondly, he is fond of traveling. In addition, we can see Elijah traveling many places with his family or girlfriend in his instagram account.

Relationship status;

Firstly, Elijah don’t have any wife. Secondly, Elijah was in a relationship with Hilary. In addition, Elijah and Hilary dated for several months in 2016. But unfortunately, they had breakup .Currently, Elijah is having a relationship with Samantha Ladenheim. In addition, they were in relationship since November 2017. Moreover, they celebrated their 1st anniversary at Los Angeles zoo and Botanical Gardens.


Elijah has a very successful career in Audio production. In addition, Elijah is also music director. His talent is also shown in audio production .He mixes and edits music in various films and TV series. Since 2019, Elijah Spader has been serving as a mixed tech for Sony Pictures Entertainment in Los Angeles .

Net worth of Elijah Spader;

The net worth of Elijah Spader is not known . But assuming, his net worth is more that 3000000 million dolar.

Elijah Spader’s Social media status;

Though, Elijah Spader is famous but he has only one social media account. In conclusion,@elijahspader is his instagram id .

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